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    Friday, February 26, 2016


    it's so clear a major light force watches over this planet. There's hope for all of us. Look for humans that give you hope. It's blown me away what was stored in my body since birth. My demon father played the role in this life time as Major Bad. All those movies you see, evil demons possessing human is real. I see the movie in my mind but can't recall the title.
    Everyday, I put my shield up and place a huge, round bubble, clear diamond force field for protection. Yeah it sounds like Star Wars. Yeah it is.

    I'm a beautiful girl everybody loves me.  G loves me.

    When molested at 2 weeks old, evil entities jumped into my body.  Last two years hired shaman exorcist and we sent them off  the planet not to bother anyone ever again.  Archangel Michael with his legends of angels take them off.  If your laughing .....whatever -----for Zoe Zane has many respected energy healers who are backing her up.  One day you will see and understand what I am talking about.  Out world is infested with great evil.  BUT we can make it leave.  More of us must become aware of our power. If evil exists so does good.  The evil does not want us to know the good is there.

    I was coming back from outcall in Mountain View, California in heavy traffic.  My spirit guide pulled the stirring wheel over so I'd get to the right lane.  All those red tail lights were getting to my brain.  eek!!! 

    Right now, I am not writing theses words but a very powerful angel is moving my fingers.
    I do not care what you think anymore for I have overcome the deepest depths of hell.  Anyone who rides with me will be honored for I stand brave like Joan of Arc to the dark.  She and I are one in battle for the good.


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