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    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    My Dirty Little Mind San Jose, California (real life experience) Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane

     Fun In Dirty Porn Booth
    Change Anyone?

    Alexa snap shot, my website 2002

    My porn star coffee table book reads ..... female porn stars get charged from sleazy, glory holes in adult stores.  I'm not alone strutting my tight mini in heels between rows of smut.  Dirty, adult movie theaters lure sex driven libidos. I've lingered in and out of these dark, forbidden places the past 11 years (1989-2000). I confess, dangerous and exciting.

    My bi-polar, escort girlfriend Maria liked to dare me. On News Eve, 1993, Vegas Red Rooster, she challenged me and a few other girls to suck guys off at midnight. Men crowded fast to the stroke of our long pointed tongues. Back to back we gobbled down 50 guys?  My head was covered with cum. I crawled on my hands and knees to Herb, the black floor bouncer.  He lead me to the shower.  

    Escort Maria knew my boyfriend was a cheater.  She never played his game.  She sided with me daring me to escort with her behind his back.  I never told him,  I fucked  huge dicks twice his size.  Maria and I laughed many times together.  We were cheating, whore escorts housewives.

    I watch porn, it turns me on.  I've read ..... female porn stars don't own or watch porn.  She doesn't look at her own photos or video?  I saw them watch me produce porn in Florida.  What the Crap!
    Better than porn, is watching people fuck live. (Orgy:  I fucked live in front of 1000 people -AVN Porn Convention 2006 Red Rooster Swing Party.) .......  and, I'm well know to move 100's in the orgy room for wild delicious sex.  Zoe Zane Cult of the Wild Woman

    Zoe Zane photo;  Tinkers Damn Porn Booth San Jose, CA USA 1999

    Dirty sexy me, here I go. My heart pounds hard as we drive up. Stepping out of the car, I wonder if I'll get caught (my dad's house is down the street)?  I play the edge.  Walking in, I feel sweat on my neck, my eyes shifting. My camera man is laid back and smart. We browse looking at new toys, videos, and skin magazines.  As we close on the booths, my nipples erect. I stand inside the booth  ...... flash my 38D tits. A few coins dropped and .... OFF goes my dress sitting naked at DP (double penetration) scene. I've been fucked in the pussy and ass gasping with multiple orgasms. I hear little devil boys in nextdoor booths.  I want to peak in this crack, watch men masturbate, it's excited me. Shall I crawl under and jerk my coo coo?  Grab a dick like a booth whore with cum shooting on the wall.  I love cum shots on my face or any place on my body. I fucked in Las Vegas booth, watched a couple fuck silly, wild screaming over the video. Sneaky me with other strange peeping perverts. Zoe want to fuck them on the floor cum dripping down my legs. I'm a sperm slut !
     On with the dress and just one more ...boobs flash !
    oooooh I forgot to tell you .... I wrote my own dirty words on a booth wall ...
      F U C K   M E ..... with red lipstick.  Waves of Love, Zoe Zane

    Edited: November 10, 2015  Inzane Productions Entertainment

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