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    Sunday, November 23, 2014

    Bikram Yoga Teacher - Holly Hitler - HA HA HA and no ha ha ha

    The world and people are imperfect. Last night was Day 41 for my challenge. I was ready to ace the class. Talked with webmaster about my whore story lady HD videos. He was most pleased and turned on by what I did. I need to leave at a certain time to get the right spot in the yoga room. Decided to put up a cock sucker video. I must show off more of what I do on my web site. I know what men need. Was a few minutes late but got the space I wanted in the yoga room. I'm out of my box right now on everything. Doing the 60 day challenge does that to you. Ready to ace the class

    .... NOW Holly Hitler is in my face. She was trying to control the chaos in the room, people late etc. I over heard her talk after class --- I do not want chaos in my class. I want all of you to move up to the first 4 rows. I told her I'm going and she said go. She was the most uncaring teacher I have ever met. Now I know why her life is not working. I will never talk to her again. Last year another impatient teacher was making fun of me during the 60 day challenge. Today she is sorry for her smart ass remarks to anyone in her life. Now we have the Nazi bitch Holly. I'm praying that something will humble her right to the ground. 

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