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    Thursday, September 06, 2012

    Sex Teacher Lesson - Keep Your Hard on!

    Miss Zoe Zane leaves Blogger to Live Journal.  I need to create my own blog off my server.  In time, I will get higher traffic rankings.  My part time job is driving traffic to my site.  I've talked with a web traffic builder this week.  It sounds gud but I don't want to spend the green on traffic.  In Utah, I found a house on a short sale, partners with my stripper daughter.  I can pour my FIM into the house.  Over a long period of time it will pay off.  It's paying off assisting my two daughters in the valley of patriarchs.  The Mormon Church still thinks women are 2nd class citizens.  The girls finally moved in a few weeks ago.  They are not living with their Father who hates women, a misogynist.  Maybe gay?  Speculation.  One day, lite his fire, ask him --- are you gay?  SHOCK TIME!  I've rambled on him many times.  He has lead himself into the old fart kingdom.  As men mature they don't have to go down.  What are you creating?  It's the same for women.  Girlie parts will die off, IF you don't do something different.  Some maturing men don't get it, that doing yoga will preserve their sex drive.  I guess the lasy files in their brains overrun the desire for a hard.  Lazy will erase the male sex drive.

    Sex is still taboo and men have ego, that stated, the hard on will fade away.  Our American Culture, lets take Viagra and not talk about the hard on.  Let's not love the male sex organ.  In time the male hard on dies.  Men in panic over their sex drive, don't get it, that they can change the course of their hard on.  They can keep their sex drive strong.  Men losing their sex drives is frightening, that's why it's not talked about.  Many times aging men have expressed the fear to me in private of not having a strong sex drive.  If men want to keep it, they must change their minds and do the work to keep their hard on strong.  Losing your hard on is losing your power.  Do yoga.  Go do a half assed yoga class.  Just start and save your hard on.  Yoga is not for panzies.  Our sex is connected to the throat, our voice box.  If one avoids this yoga pose called  PARSVOTTANASANA - PYRAMID OR SEPARATE LEG HEAD TO KNEE - your voice is not strong with your sex.  Your voice and the lower sex chakra is connected to one another.  The lower chakra is your sex power.   Your voice is your sex power.  Make them both healthy with yoga, have a long lasting sex life.

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