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    Monday, June 11, 2012

    Live Journal Speller Does Not Work - Blogger.com is better

    Blog sites, others work better, others not so good - they drives me crazy.  I'm patient, I dream of the perfect blog site.  I think it will remain a dream, the perfect blog site.  Live journal has a staff of 200 people.  It's hard to get teck help.  Will post over http://www.blogger.com/ and use the speller. 
    I'm setting up free video sites all over the Net.  Soon you will see me everywhere.  Free video is free adverting in 2012.  I'm behind like always.  It would be great to have a man posting dirty porn movies for me.  Deauxma is so lucky her husband Larry does all the computer stuff while she works at being beautiful in her movies.  How would  it be to have that kind of life.  Oh well, I have what I have.  I have lots of boyfriends that give me lots of things in my life.  That's where my life is right now.  I gotta get the High Definition videos up and running.  Sexy Miss Lizz is a very smart mature MILF.  I see he do this and that and there it is.  Keep up the good work girlfriend.
    Last night in yoga class, I was a dripping wet pig.  I was not in the room to get the spot I wanted .  I ended up in the middle where the mirror joins, I looked cracked.  Whatever.  As a dancer I learned to make the dance movement look great without looking in the mirros.  I move by how it feels in the body.  If you get the technique down then you move the right way.  It does work. 
    My Utah projects with the X- house husband is very interesting.  He's buying Mid-Century Modern furniture for the house.  It's shocking and jaw dropping.  My stripper daughter thinks he is trying to please Mommie.  He has to do something.  I think she is right about pleasing Mommie.  He's pleasing his X-Mommie, that's me.  Laughing.

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