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    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    What's up - my Sunday runt - Oh...rant? HA HA HA

    W H A T ' S UP is the biggest "turn you off" comment a guy can say to you on your cell phone. I might have the hood you desire but I'm not from the hood. WTF. Street guys don't get it when it comes to finding the right one.  I figure they think women are a piece of meat for their what's up digging. Is there a book out there for phone manners? If you find one send it my way. Is there a live cam Internet book for cam manners? The workbook might ask men questions like: Do you feel rage and excitement when you get ready to chat in cam/video? Did you ever think that your hate for women keeps you from sex, from chicks?  Results --- no flower for you. Is that why you have to force women to have sex with you?  Is that why you run in packs with other street guys?  What's up might get ghetto chicks but not educated chicks baby.  I wonder IF they do get laid by WOTN? Oh no, some guys can't even get a  WOTN?  Low life gutter words are spoken to WOTN 24/7.  Street guys think they can display their worst manner with WOTN and get away with it. WTF. Were you humiliated, made fun of, laughed at by women as a child? Laughed at and now no nooky wooky baby. I understand that thing get ruff, life gives you shit. I've had my pile of
    crap-woo-lala. Saying --- what's up --- right from the start sends ladies off to to another planet that "What'sUp men" can't find. Smart ladies hide themselves from what'z up.  You go girl.  I jokingly speak my my low life talk with trusted friends, what'z up girlfriend? We laugh and make fun of what's up men. HA HA HA. When I get what's up on my cell phone, I say nuttings up. Chuckling. Thinking, pondering, hum?  Maybe, I'll send what's up on a wild ride to a flee market. Tell him, I'll be waiting in my tiny mini skirt with no bra under and sheer blouse. Painted, big red lips chewing a big wade of bubble gum holding a tiny purse that says "WOTN 4 U BABY". I hope he runs around the flea market looking for me. When he calls me back complaining he didn't find me, I'll tell him he was too  late.
    I got laid by a big stick baby who does not say WHAT'S UP.

    Last night was Day 39 for my yoga slamming.  The yoga room was great again.  Big surprise.  Are they getting the message make it right baby.  The manager asked me when I was in the room IF the fan vents were running.  Well, someone thinks what I think is important, respects my judgement about the temperature of the yoga room.  Good job.  My input will make it so the studio prospers.  So be it.  I love it.  I'm happy.

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