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    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Today is day 39 for yoga challenge

    I'm lost in the world of yoga right now. I'm finding out who is hardcore and who is lovecore in the community. I was raised to be "A" type hardcore. I'm in the "A" type mode naturally. I don't need more A-type yogis in my face. I'm seeking to be more kind, more gentle, more loving, more accepting of myself. I don't want to do another 60 day challenge, not ever again. Why suffer. I might eat my words another day. The new studio is state of the art. All the new state of the art studios are off the wall torture. Please open the door in the back, please. It's a dream to tell everyone it's state of the art and it cooks everyone. I'm glad I'm not the owner of a new state of the art Bikram studio. It sucks.
    Day 38 - Last night was the best class, I've been in since the new opening. Perfect, cool room, just the right temperature. I will remain in the back by the door till the owner figures it out. THAT, the door needs to be opened. The owner is aggressive and hardcore. She will remain this way forever. I'm staying away from her right now. In one of her classes, I pushed myself over the edge in triangle. Next day my body was way stressed, forget it. I see other yogis abusing themselves too much. There are a bunch of insane yogis in my world. Yogi athletes that love pain. One of my female yogi friend told me to tell them all ---- to screw it. Some of us have been through hell as small children. That's why it's better to be kind than hardcore.

    One more note: I ride myself of the chocolate bandit stalker. He steals your mind, he steals your soul, he steals your love. I know him from way back, he THINK he loves and respects me. I'm his Diva Goddess Mistress, more like his abused chocolate whore. It's all a bunch of wordless words with him. The chocolate he's using for the female model body parts is ... crap. I told him right to his face, still---- didn't get it. I bluntly told him if he calls me ... on a another sneak up on Zoe phone line or email, I will call the cops. Silence. GOOD! Thank heaven. He wants to be business partners with me but never listens to what I have to say. It's a big argue match with him. I'm so glad, I told him to F OFF. Hey Lizz, if "DZ" contacts you tell him to get lost. I would never make a clone of my nipple with his chocolate --- puke puke puke --- he wants to use. His chocolate is throw up, baby.

    To stud macho with jock strap smelling nuts that just called me: It's not my job to pay your sorry ass mortgage and take your cheap offer. You're really are a cheap macho stud face RB mauderfacker. I hate macho anything. I love to make them tell me their low balling, cheap offers. It makes me laugh. I laugh right in their face on the phone.

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