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    Friday, February 03, 2012

    Re-routing in the body during yoga challenge

    I miss this and that right now. Update for zoezaneSC2 "Southern Charms" will be up on Monday. I forgot to send in the FTP notice. OFM! I gotta get a grip on things. Last night in yoga it was Day 30, class was cool at the end. What a relief! Only 30 more days to go. One of the teacher told me to not do doubles/2 classes on one day. The studio is still gagging the climate for the yoga room. Working on making it perfect. It will never be perfect BC of the weather and the people who come to the class. Too many variables. Educated guess.

    I did a search on Vicki Vette - I'm wild like Vicki on her VNA! I'm a Vette Girl. I'll hit her up, tell her THAT! A mature MILF - over 60 brings spice to her VNArmy. Over 60 with her glorious smiling experience and class, Miss Zoe kicks ass! Yes. I'll post and blast all over the net. Zoe Zane is a Vette Girl - Vicki Vette loves her! VNA for Zoe Zane

    Just a note to Buttercup:

    You need to feel the steam from my ironing board. I'll make you iron my clothes then tell you to sit on the ironing board and laugh. HA HA HA
    That's entrainment from his gorgeous, smiling Diva --- Miss Zoe Zane/Fetish Diva Diamond.

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