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    Thursday, February 02, 2012

    I am different

    his exact words to me on the phone. So here is the story girls: I found you on this ad looking for something that is high class. If I think you are hot, I will see you twice a week. Let's make a time for 8:15PM tonight. I'm only 15 mins away from you. But tonight, I'm coming from Santana Row from dinner. I'm ready but he does not show up or call to let me know he is not coming --- Next call, his excuse, the dinner went over. Okay. This is #1 excuse from I am different. Another arrangement in the afternoon but he calls to tell me he has to pick up his daughter from school. Can we make it later at 8:15PM tonight. No show again, no phone call. Next day excuse, my daughter broke her arm. He feels bad. -- O. K. -- Can we make it for in the morning at 8:30AM? -ok- This is the last time for him if he doesn't show up. Since I'm doing my 60 day challenge for Bikram --- I'm in the tolerant, mellow, la la, exhausted mood. GUESS WHAT? ---- he doesn't call me. His excuse --- I had to pic up my kids take them to school. Yesterday, he calls in the afternoon --- can I see you in 15 mins, I'm coming from work. I wait and he calls 1 hour later. I'm not there so he wants to make it for 6:30PM. I hurry back from yoga and he calls telling me he just had botox on my forehead. Can we make it for 7:30PM? Your voice sounds so sexy. I wait till 7:30PM --- he does not call. Now you know Zoe is very wiped out from doing her 60 day yoga challenge to put up with this guys bullshit. YES I AM WIPED OUT! Next time he calls, I will be calm with this MOTHERFUCKER who has no respect for women. This is what I will say to him and I'm sure he will call again. Well, "Mr. I am Different" with you botox forehead treatments. Are you widowed or divorced? In our conversations you told me if I'm really hot you will see me on a regular basis. Well............... since you are such a different CEO ---- you will never find how how HOT --- Miss Zoe Zane is, because you are not coming over here. Not ever. I do believe you hate me or women in general, you keep calling me up and never show up. And you are not different. You are like all the other men who lie, cheat and steal Mr. I am a Different CEO. So take you botoxed forehead and jerk your dick off. If you're divorced, I hope she cheated on you and hurt you bad. You deserve her punishments. Whew! I am done with this "DIFFERENT BOTOXED CEO". What a prima donna, what a vane botoxed man bitch.

    I am missing days for Bikram. I think it is Day 29 --- and is today Thursday? Oh brother. I did 2 triangle poses in class last night. The owner was teaching the and I get hyped up when she teaches. She'd high strung and excellent. It's hard. the pressure. I almost choked, feel over after the second triangle from anxiety. I gotta work on this one. OFM!

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