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    Wednesday, February 08, 2012

    Day 35

    yoga class day 35. I have a great yoga friend I call guru boy. He's helping many of us see things differently. Another female friend showed me what she does to monitor her anxiety. She reads Science of the Mind 365 daily thoughts. It calms her down. I like. When you freak out read calming words. It works! Guru Boy was the one who got me to 2 triangle poses on this challenge. I'm still doing two triangles in every class. In the past when feet on the rug, I could not push myself up. I needed the yoga mat for support. I can push up more and more now. I'm gaining strength. I'm so excited. I'm overcoming 25 plus years of man hate, I took on when I left the Mormon church. My live in the Mormon Church was painful sour graped.

    I'm in the process of buying a mid-century modern house in Salt Lake City. My two daughters will live there. My X Mormon (moron) husband.... is on a power trip with me over the new house. My stripper daughter tells me what "the X" tells her how she can't do the house. Those girls need to get the hell away from HIS negative church mind. My stripper daughter has a girlfriend whose Mom is 70. Her Mom is all into the LDS church. My daughter is directing "my X" in the 70 Mom's way. They can worship and lust for their Celestial Kingdom together, all the way into the hereafter in their sacrediness. I hope they hook up and get off our backs. The X can not stand that I'm successful. He's upset he can't get both girls to take care of him. He would use them to get what he wants. When we own the new house he will be invited. He will not be allowed to show up when he wants to show up. This is my house and the 2 girls know what are the rules. I don't want him to dump his shit on my sacred house of love.

    Zoe Zane is stepping up to HD video baby.
    Chubs just jumped into my lap and gave me a big kitty hugs. I love it.

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