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    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Sunday Day 11 Bikram Yoga

    This is strange. On one computer I have full access to this forum I post on. On the other computer I'm blocked from the forum. LOL. I've gone through everything I know and still blocked. I need to get one of make geek friends to solve the mystery blocking. Hum. Puzzled. Something about DNS server? Well, I will learn something for sure.
    Day 11, Sunday Yoga Class 4:30PM class was cold. State of the art room temperature was low with weather change. It was nice in class. I practiced next to a buff chick (first timer) and feed off her energy. Chicks like that have a lot of self confidence. I was sucking up her self confidence. Little do the know what it takes to do Bikram until they practice. In class I got the message about someone who is trying to ruin my reputation. They have severe low self-esteem. Not to worry Zoe, they will try --- but fail.
    Saturday, I sent cross dresser Bonnie's cloths off in the mail. woo Hoooo! I am a Diva of her word this year. Buttercup will enjoy fire in his pants on Friday. Laughing gleefully.

    AVN PORN CONVENTION TRIP "Las Vegas Hardrock Casino"
    January 21-22, 2012 --- I leave early Saturday morning come back early Sunday. 24 hours in Vegas baby, as the sassy upskirt school teacher in her classy business suit, stockings and heels. I plan to engage with the crowd as their Computer Teacher.

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