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    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Stop SOPA and PIPA - read how our GOV wants to take away our freeedom

    Zoe Zane is all about freedom. Read this comment from a friend about SOPA and PIPA.
    Unfortunately software alone cannot stop SOPA or PIPA, however there are people who are engineering workarounds for reaching DNS blacked out websites if the legislation goes into effect. There will also be a backlash against the US, but it will be much better to stop this legislation before it is passed. Pressure is already working and some of SOPA and PIPA sponsors are starting to back off, but more pressure is needed.
    1 - Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, and many other websites are going to be blacked out for 12 hours beginning at midnight. This will certainly raise the awareness of this effort among people who aren't aware or are sitting on the fence.


    2 - Learn more about how SOPA/PIPA work and what they would do.



    3 - Find out where your congressional representative stands.

    Re: Stop the SOPA before our lives are run by the GOV. This is about who is in the inner circle for wealth. Did you read who is on the list?

    Hint - Check the link under "Follow the Money" to find out how much they have received in donations from interested groups.


    4 - If you haven't already done so contact your representative by email or phone to register your opinion. Enter your zipcode to find the contact info for your representatives.


    Here are some good tips for calling congress - keep it short and prepare in advance. Refer to the legislation by number (HR3261 = SOPA = House of Representatives, or S968 = PIPA = Senate)


    If you write well send an email - here are some tips:

    Congressional staffers say the following things are important to making your message influential: including your name, address, and ZIP code so the staff can verify you are a constituent of the Member of Congress, referencing specific legislation rather than a general issue by bill number and title, talking about the impact of the bill on the district or state, and your own reason for supporting or opposing the bill. One well-respected organization recommends being: personalized, short, targeted, and informative.

    Will they listen to you? Well probably not so much as an individual, but they will pay attention to the volume of communication on a particular issue, especially from individual constituents as opposed to an organized campaign from an advocacy group like MoveOn. The more they hear from their constituent against this legislation the more they will have to think about their vote.


    12 Day for Bikram yoga
    Room was very hot, the fans went on full blast. I had a panic attack, almost lost it. I felt like a big air balloon in 60 seconds. Next time that happens, IF it does, I hope not, I will lie down and wait till it passes. I did the triangle pose 2 times again. woo hooo!

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