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    Thursday, January 05, 2012

    Offers for Zoe in the underworld

    Two nights ago editing pics for SC, some admiring Texan calls me up. He's never been married wanting exclusive rights to Zoe. I listen to his life story about his dieing family member. Watching someone you love leave their skin suit can be difficult. This lonely person has lots of abundance and needs a nice lady to treat him right. This arrangement got my attention. It might be his fantasy and nothing more. But Miss Zoe likes the offer.
    Last night I got another marriage proposal. He wants a Vegas marriage with me and my sexy hot, new girlfriend. I've known him for over five years. Last double encounter with him, the other woman tried to make him marry her. Stupid bitch, bad move baby. Now I'm finding he wants me? LOL. Interesting development. Hum. Vegas marriage, him and two women, I think that's polygamy Mr. Lick. If I marry her and then he marries me is that polygamy? Now I'm a polygamist. Too funny, since I was raised in the Mormon Church. Laughing till I pee. We could fake a Vegas marriage with wild friends/no relatives. That would be fun. Bring on the big diamond rings we will wear on our toes. HA HA HA --- When you are horny hot you will say and do anything. But..... I'm getting the message from him and how he feels for Miss Zoe. It's very good.
    Yesterday morning on the phone, this is the most interesting offer. Another call from a clergy man who needs my attention. Since I was once married to a Mormon seminary teacher and a Bishop's wife, he thought I would understand the social pressures being a clergy man. I do. It was hard putting on the religious, perfect hat. It's unfair and not real what people think you should be for them. Today, I would ham it up and be all in their face about the Glories of the Kingdom. I would fake my "Self Righteous Highness Act" and bull shit everyone. Then dress up like a whore at night roam the bars and have fun. Loudly laughing --- ...!@#-$%^&....! When my Mormon Bishop husband was released from his calling the next Bishop's wife knew how to play it. She was Almighty in her Glory and made everyone think it too. LOL. Forgive them for they no not what they do. Her husband ran away with a underage girl. They brought him back home for counseling. Today they are still together. Oh fuck them over and the the church's image.
    Today will be interesting. I will let you know in my next blog. I still need to talk about my cake flop. That will be continued and included in the next blog.
    Big smiles.
    Picture posted is Giantess Zoilla crushing a huge airplane. The feet are my feet. It didn't hurt when I smashed the big airplane.

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