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    Friday, January 06, 2012

    My flob cake blog continued

    My cake creation took 6 month and a crumbling mess. Oh well. I feared the sparklers would start a fire. I've had three big major fires in my life. I'm done with THAT kinda fire. I poured liquor on the cake and envisioned a fire blasting cake. That didn't work. I'm known to do it over and over again until it's done right. That's for the future, set another crazy cake on fire and watch it burn up and away. wooHooo --- I had left over canned whipping cream which flopped out of the can too. Bummer. Get your cans fresh and they'll make you happy when they blast cream. It was a flopping disappointment when I made the cake movie. Over all it was a flop but who cares. Too much fear flops everything. My advise for setting cakes on fire: do it right away. Use your smarts and intellect not to set your house on fire. Laughing. This is my recipe for flopping cakes on fire by Inzane Production director Miss Zoe Zane and the Monster Cat Crew. I did the video with the cats around. We all make it safely through the day. Rated: A Big Flop! HA HA HA

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