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    Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    I always get mixed up on how many days I've done

    during Bikram Yoga Challenge. I'll check how many red stars I've posted. I think, it's Day 21. I have some wonderful, suffering yoga friends. I'll need to soak in Epsom salt today. Still taking my Zija powder, extra emergency C powder, Calcium and B vitamins. I slept last night. I've given it way to much thought, I need to do it, get body wraps. They are amazing what they so for your skin. Body wraps tighten up the skin and make it look youthful. By Sunday, I will have done a body wrap like a Hollywood Movie Star. HA HA HA --- Let you know what it has done to my skin. I'm making a commitment to all of my Net friends. I'm now public with body wraps. Laughing again.

    Some special male admirer is sending me chocolates in the mail. How wonderful and delicious this male friend. Thank you Zakk.

    When men call me up on the phone with long distant numbers I ask them questions. I like to hear them stumble around on the phone. I do it to see if they are serious about meeting with me. Many long distant numbers are men wanking their sticks just to say hello to Miss Zoe. I just talked to one on the phone and he was taken by surprise. He stumbled --- ah, well, I do not know what airport ---- ah... well.... that..... ah.... --- he hung up. Too funny.

    I found some of my first photos in the woods for the Net yesterday. They will be posted on Southern Charms. It's weird how many admires like Southern Charms. They see the photo farm and go crazy. Hum? Oh, well, I like their admiring lusting horny selves for Miss Zoe.

    I love the two kitties hugging each other. Sweet pic of fluffy duffy putty cats.

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