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    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Day 7 for Bikram and Trust

    I've got this file in my brain....when I start 60 straight days of Bikram Yoga something happens to me. Last year I practiced by a spunky 20something year old who now runs a studio in California. I connected with her energy but not her body. I hurt my back pushing myself to far. I got through it, finished the challenge. Patience Zoe, patience. That is my lesson on that one. This year I got a head cold --- it's almost gone. WTF. Over the weekend I was a limp gumby girl. The pressure of the 10 ffstocking videos was wearing on me. I'm still worry I didn't get it right. If not --- I forget the whole damn project. Zoe the webmaster, it sucks sometimes. Women who have husbands doing the techie stuff are so blessed. Treat your guys nice and spoil them. It's hard to be the star, the model, the promoter, the writer and the techie girl. I need a nap. Must send off the HD video memory cards to the stocking/girdle webmaster. I loath High Definition for these reasons: takes up to much bandwidth, need a hyped up computer with at lease a terabyte, new software to edit the darn video (must be converted to new format for clips4sale). All in the name of making it High Definition, keeping up with Sony Baloney.
    In February, I might go to Santa Monica, Claifornia for a love money retreat with Natalie Pace. If I go to her retreat, I'll miss 3 days of my Bikram challenge. This means I must do 3 days of double classes. Oh my my my. What are you doing Zoe? Not sure right now. I'm getting a call from my higher guides to go with Natalie Pace. I have a big job that needs love money training from the Goddess. More than every before there is a call for people you can trust on this planet.
    Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low-Trust
    World by Stephen M. R. Covey, author of the New York Times bestseller The Speed
    of Trust and his long time business partner, Greg Link
    Trust has become the new currency in today’s networked world — the critical competency for individuals, teams, organizations and even countries.

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