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    Friday, January 20, 2012

    Day 14 and 15 bikram yoga

    Hey Sexy Miss Lizz remember when you and I flashed out by this sign in Vegas?
    This is our sign --- and we OWN IT!

    I have a personal yoga coach encouraging me to push myself in different parts of my practice. Certain poses have slammed me down but not this year. I did another set of triangle last night and the night before. I've been building my body up with "Zija Drink Mix powder" that feed your body and gets ride of inflammation. It's working well with my body. Day 14, I missed my dancer friend in class. Day 15 was hot at the beginning and cooled off at the end. The teacher rolled of the dialogue like a auctioneer. I held back the word sold from my lips. I told the teacher after class how funny it was his fast words. The class laughed at his fast words. Next time he does that I will yell out
    ....S O L D!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha

    Early Saturday morning, I fly off to Las Vegas for 24 hours. It will be a different adventure since I'm going by myself and my male director Mr C. Her she comes the naught school teacher in her fnacy business suit and heels. It will be funny to see how I engage the AVN porn crowd in my picture just like I do at Folsom Street Fair. I feel like I'm on the edge. Maybe I will see some of you at the AVN Porn Convention. Do not hesitate to say hello. I love to meet people I have emailed over and over again. Yeah baby cakes.

    Sunday is the 49ers game here in the Bay Area. Everyone is excited about this game. If they win it's off to the Super Bowl. woo Hoooo for the 49ers! When I watch football I get so excited, I scream a lot.

    May crazy day on Friday blog

    Over to store make sure cats have food when I go to Vegas.
    Buttercup was reminded what a thorn can do it a bad boy.
    Whip brought in cherry, birch and bamboo from his yard for punishment. He gave me a book called the "The Pearl". No author. This will help me with my book!
    Then I worked some MTFers ass real good who just got back from the AVN Porn Convention. Now I know what pimps and stars do during the Porn Convention. LOL.

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