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    Monday, January 09, 2012

    Bikram Yoga Blog - 60 day challenge - click here for ffstockings

    Picture of Lady GaGa in spiked heels doing private Bikram yoga class.
    O M G over and over again OMG OMG OMG! ! !

    4:30 PM class big, huge new studio - I started on Friday, Jan 6 - Robin, owner of San Mateo studio was the teacher. She is awesome!!! I connected with everything she said - be centered, be calm, stay focused (I finished the 10 HD videos as the up skirt whore story lady in nylons and girdles for Canada webmaster http://www.ffstockings.com - whew, a lot of work just getting dressed for each HD video - so glad that project is over - this HD video is nerve racking). Yoga class was packed again. New studio is 7000 sq feet. Need to find the garbage can. LOL.

    Saturday, Jan 7 is the offical first day for the challenge, but I started yesterday. I'm in the back by the pillar of light post. 4:30PM class was packed again. Oh no! Must get to class early to get the spot I want. So far so good. Teacher was incrediable Jennifer, owner of Morgan Hill studio. More than a year ago, I did 60 day challenge next to Jennifer. She has incrediable energy. She did the challenge in 30 days, 2 classes per day. WOW! She's a young studio owner from New York/Wall Street. I remember how it was being next to her in that class. After class she found me, huged me twice --- you are so sweet Zoe. What a big surprise, such a kind gift for words. It made me cry. Lately, lots of great people are saying hello to me, speaking nice words of kindness. I have a warm heart right now.

    Sunday, Jan 8 did two classes called doubles After the 10AM class I felt great, decided to do another class at 4:30PM. I talked with my stripper daughter about doing 2 classes in one day. We decided I have the energy right now. The teacher in the morning class was young went on and on, she went over. I had to leave right at 11:30AM to make an up skirt fetish appointment with friend. Teachers need to start and end on time. When the class is packed it can be a problem moving everyone to 5 rows. Doing doubles is arduous. I'm not ready to be a Bikram yoga teacher. I don't want to be a teacher in the heat all the time. Damn sweaty job. HA HA HA --- In the second class I had to stay in the dead pose a lot. I did all of the poses at least once. I'll be in Las Vegas Saturday, January 21 for AVN Porn Convention as the upskirt school teacher in nylons. Will be a fast 24 hour trip to Vegas baby with director Mr C. will assisting me with pics and video.
    I feel pretty good this morning for doing two classes yesterday. Hum. I must be getting stronger. I'm so proud of myself. Giving myself a big huge being my own best friend.

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