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    Sunday, January 22, 2012

    Back from Las Vegas - my fast trip - Click Yoga Rap Song

    Hard Rock Casino has major history for me. This casino changed the direction of my life. The old boyfriend did all the wood floors in this casino, we didn't get paid. We went to arbitration for what was owed. It took over 7 years to get some of the money back. Why was this job a hard one --- laughing BC hardwood floors were laid at the HARD to get paid casino. HA HA HA --- This casino got me back home to Santa Clara, California. It was not a pretty picture for a long time, no money coming in except phone sex money. I meet this pi-polar female with her alcoholic cowboy boyfriend at a friend's wedding. It was annulled two weeks later. LOL. Dianna wore a black dress to the wedding looking for a roommate to work with her. That's how I got back home to high income Silicon Valley/San Jose/Palo Alto. Zoe in the middle of Google and HP, from eBay to Apple, where Microsoft, Yahoo and Anti-virus software were born. I feel right into the Internet pool that changed our world. Hard Rock Casino pushed me back home. I knew I would get home but not this way. My family was in Cupertino/Santa Clara County. I ran from a angry fighting parents hoping to make my way better. After all these years, I did make it better for myself and NOT with the lieing, cheating, thieving boyfriend. When I pick
    bad boys I do it well. OFM! I left Vegas late last night and now home talking to all of you. The guy who was to assist me never showed up. OFM again. He didn't even say he was sorry. Write him off. Something about his water pump and he said I did not need him anyway. YES, I needed you assistance you dumb MTFER. After the old boyfriend dropped off the planet this guy tried to be my boyfriend. Oh no! I got the room, the AVN tickets and no sorry Zoe. WTF Motherfucker! It's over with this one. I will never ask him to assist me every again. One time of ungratefulness is ENOUGH! I have a long time standing admirer this is now in my picture. At least he has some manners. Thank you Zakk. I'm wearing red today - Go 49ers - will watch the game this afternoon. woo hooooo!
    I want to thank the Universe for blessing me. Late last night, I had a very nice friend recover some of my loses from the Vegas Trip. New content from Vegas: at the Vegas hotel room, I trashed the room. Look for pictures on my site within the month. I got this guy from AVN to help me with the pics/video and made a dick sucking video. I'm patting myself on my back this morning for being there for myself. Good job Zoe Girl.

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    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Ooooooooooo Zoe
      (Very horny harmless winks to the screen with no malice intended)
      I see you have lit up the Web with Lustful Fire ...
      And it is younger you are getting superbabe because every time I gaze upon a pic , you are sexiiiiieerrrr and sexiiieerrrrr.
      Don't let the begrudgers get you down Goddess...
      Kisses and Hugs
      From me to you Zoe.


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