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    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Sunday - video photo shoot with new director

    I'm finally finishing up projects before Xmas. One short video, smoking naked, I muted the sound and added royal free music. Now to upload my Holiday Surprise video for this weeks update. No sound. WTF. It freaked me out, my camera is broken? ---I tweaked windows movie maker over and over, still no sound. My daughter called and asked me, first question from IT, do you have the speakers turned on? I checked. speakers turned off. LOL. That's the problem, I shut down WMM, then opened it up again. Silly me. Clicked on the video, I have sound! WHEW. This happened just before my yoga class. I'll get the short surprise video up today. woo hoooo

    My new film director gave me free movie for a Xmas present. The movie "WARRIOR" is pretty good. Great story line. My new film director is a movie critic.

    Today I'll get a phone call from some very important people. I'm looking out for the founder of a huge project. This project will change the world. I'm so thankful to be apart of a noble cause to help sex workers.

    Let all three cats outside this morning for some fresh air. Let's go boys.
    My favorite drink for the holiday is Asti Martini & Ross Champagne.

    Zoe Zane

    Drive safe out there before Xmas - it is crazy ---- !@#$%^&....999<<<@...#$%^&!!!

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