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    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    On Friday - Southern Charms

    Hi Buttercup. Diva is going making you break your rules. Bad Diva! Jump in your car, drive to your special "Net View" location. Now lust over your Diva's shorts and switch pics. I've posted some special pics just for you in my yellow shirt and short shorts. It's yours, the switch I have in my hand. Bring to me, here's this list: Ivory Soap regular size, chocolate cake with lots of frosting and German Chocolate Cake with Coconut topping. YUMMY! You know when and where, the date, the time. Make sure you bring me a fresh lime tree switch from your morning walk. I'm thinking, we could do a drive by near the Wild Forest in San Jose. (maybe in January in the morning). I'll jump out, pose fast, take off laughing. I spoke with my movie director/movie critic. He knows about the unkept wild tree location. He made the comment that Clint Eastwood thinks San Jose is a low life city because of the wooded area. I told him about the Hart Murder Movie. You know your Diva likes a good murder movie. Diva adores evil Jessica Lang in American Horror Story. Diva has been searching in vintage shops for clothes similar to Jessica Lang's wardrobe on AHS. Her Xmas Surprise Video, the clothing is vintage. Lic Lic Lic

    Yesterday, a 1950's nylon admirer worshipped Diva's legs. He was begging Diva to pose in vintage clothing for his site. He is one of many photographers who longs to take photos of Diva's vintage.

    Zoe Zane

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