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    Thursday, December 08, 2011

    High Definition VIDEO BABY - Sexy Miss Lizz Website

    I have a hard time making changes. It means I have to learn how to do something new. I get nervous when I don't know how to make teckie stuff work. Baking a cake or cookies, no big deal. Doing the teck-thang ---- is a big deal. I'll keep plodding along till I get it right. High definition video needs different different editing software like Adobe Premier. I just took in a big breath and blew it out. It makes me want to eat cookies and chocolate when I face the learning curve for HD video. This is what I get when I do it on my own and not go to school. Oh Zoe, cowboy up and do it.

    Over the weekend Sexy Miss Lizz and I will be having fun together. She is dependable and a great friend. Here is a pic of us doing our wild thang at AVN Porn Convention 2011. We turned a lot of heads like Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy, Deauxma and her agressive, competitive husband. I wish Larry would just get it, lets do porn together! It will not happen, I can wish, Larry will have to swallow his ego. Airforce jocks like Larry don't swallow their egos, so forget it Zoe. I know the fans on the world wide web would go crazy if Sexy Miss Lizz, Deauxma and Zoe Zane were doing hot housewife HD Video. We R mature, hot 4 sure.

    Last night I watch American Horror Story. Jessica Lang has the police jumping to put her in prison. She just smiles and twinkles around them. She knows that it won't happen. Violet is dead, she just found out. The Rubber Man boyfriend didn't save her life. Violet's pregnant Mom was raped by Rubber Man. She's carrying twins, one is her husbands, the other twin was conceived by Rubber Man. It's a very dark series and I love it.

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