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    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Friday - 5 nylon videos

    I'm tired this morning, jumped into the bath tub and relaxed on my slant board. I took a 15 min nap, feel better! Yesterday, I dressed up and undressed sooooo many times my head was spinning. Still have 4 more videos to do for ffstockings.com

    Working on zoezane.com update right now. Then, I did my wonderful session, STARDOMTHEATRE -  Fetish Diva Diamond BBHJ. He told me he liked the surprise, what I might do to him when blindfolded. He was very happy and gifted Miss Zoe more. woo hooo! I love BBHJ. I can bring in the Goddess energy, lift myself and him too. Holiday Update --- Look for it on Sunday - I'll be in my cute maid antler's attire. Furry loves and HO HO HO to the World. Sexy Miss Lizz took the pics in our "Lust in Livermore" adventure last Saturday.

    This morning, my 3 cats snuggled up to me in bed under the covers. Peanut first, his cheek up to mine, them 20 pound Buddy dumped himself on top of Peanut. Peanut did not care. He is so funny. Smashed by his brother and sleeping away. Finally Chubs arrived and curled up down by my belly button. That is over 50 pounds of purring kitty loves for me. WOW!

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