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    Thursday, December 29, 2011

    Days fly when buzy - continued hate the fruit cake blog

    My two daughters made a big deal over my ex's fruit cake - the cake they hate. Everyone grabbed their favorite dessert but not the fruit cake. So my stripper daughter cut herself a big chunk of the colon clogging fruit cake. She took a very sharp knife to cut the hate cake. Over and over, she cut thin slices. Now the cake is cut into a 25 tiny tin slices. Then she cut it crosswise, over and over. She got up from the table, walked outside, threw it in the snow for the birds to eat. She went back inside got herself a nice dessert and smiled. My baby daughter cut herself a huge piece of "I hate fruit cake". She placed tons of whipping cream on top of it. She walked to the laundry room left the cake on the floor for the cat to eat. The cat licked off the whipping cream and left the soggy fruit cake on the paper plate. One of my grand kids saw what my stripper daughter did to the fruit cake. The grand kids hate fruit cake. The oldest boy took the remaining cake out to the garage. He took a hammer and slammed the soggy cake. Then, kicked it to the wall and laughed. WOW! The fruit cake is killed. My ex saw what they did to his fruit cake. He asked them why they did not eat the killed cake. They started to laugh eating their favorite dessert. "We hate fruit cake Dad!" He said, "Oh?" My ex has no emotion about anything since he is closet gay and can't admit his is gay. The gay community would not have anything to do with an old fart like my ex. If he admitted he was gay where would he go. The Mormon Church would not accept him and neither would the Utah gay community. So he swims in his lie and buys fruit cake that everyone hates. Laughing gleefully ---- HA HA HA ---- Zoe Zane

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