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    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Crazy Driver, my lips are blue yeah -- eeK!

    Saturday: Lust in Livermore with Sexy Miss Lizz in a hotel room was fantastic as always. We were really funny bad, crazy wild. She and I pissed all over the place. When I tell fetish friends they laugh at what we did. I was the school teacher who peed on the desk, ironing board and bed. Lizz peed on the mirror, the curtains, the bed, and outside in the hallway which was very daring. We made sure there were no security cameras on the ceiling. We went out for a smoking fetish video by a liquor store. I flashed my pussy at some guy. He was hanging around till we drove off. The fetish for golden showers is well loved by my slaves. Very soon on clisp4sale, my pee pee videos.

    Sunday: Drove to Monterey to dominate female sub Justin with master Jo Jo Max. It was awesome how we all clicked. They're in love with me, Fetish Diva Diamond.
    Oh, I got lost driving from Livermore to home, drove into Tracy. OFM! In Monterey, I got lost again, drove past the airport and made it to the hotel room. WHEW!
    I'm not one to drive so far. The devil is making me do naughty in far places. Big smiles. Miss Zoe has been a driving fool. Last night I went to yoga class to rid myself of tension --- ahhhh....

    Yesterday day, Monday I was off the wall busy with fetish slaves.

    Mercury in retrograde it moving past all of us now. Make sure when you sign contracts, everything is clear OR just wait till Mercury is back home. That will be on December 15.

    I'm doing good this morning talking with my best friend in Ohio. My Cashmier Mob Princess has my back. She is a true blue friend forever. Friends I dumped this year tried to hon in on my established circle of great friends. They did not succeed. Know, I know who my real friends are. I love you Lizz. Merry Holidays everyone. It's Tuesday in San Jose.

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