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    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Click link 1952 North Star Fridge called "Buttercup"

    Buttercup. I want to show you the yellow fridge called "Buttercup". In my kitchen you will have the rare privilege of standing in front of it with your pants down. Look up high, do you see the lime tree switch on top of the cupboard knobs? That switch is just for you, unruly Buttercup. At any given time, your Diva can grab it, make you dance as she smacks your bottom to bright red. Next time, nose to the corner, place your finger tips on your shoulders prancing on and on and on. Pick up your feet and perform for my lady friends, right quick. We're laughing with glee knowing that all of us can hold you down in the backyard. Let's whip him with the switch he cut for himself. We'll force Buttercup to the ground, take it now, wisp wisp wisp. Big, huge smiles from Diva's lady friends. You deserve it. All my lady friends will watch you swat like a dog. Now --- put your face in the grass. Do it, Buttercup. Then Diva will hose you off and watch your dingle berries blast off into space. Oh what fun, let's take Buttercup to the bathroom, give him a "Ivory Soap Enema" from the red bag nailed to the wall. Your Diva loves to watch your face crunch up with pain. Buttercup is helpless in the bathroom, unruly no more! LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING ...#$%^&@---$%^&*(...!
    Fetish Diva Diamond aka Mistress Miss Zoe --- I love you Buttercup. You have a Nothstar 1952's fridge named after you. That's so spee-cal.

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