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    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Sweet Smiling Horror of Utah

    I'm waking up, my three cats sleeping close. I think their soft tails, furry purrs channel in truth to my mind. My bed covers are charged with honesty. My family trip to the sweet warm horror state(Utah)was better this time. My therapist and I must be doing something good. My baby daughter was laughing at my funny jokes. Just the idea of moving out from her useless Father gives her hope. Their Father is a lazy slob who loves his chickens and scriptures more than his kids. I destroyed his bubble when I divorced him. He wanted to be an apostle for the Mormon church. OFTC - oh fuck the church! An apostle that never cleans out his toilet? WTF

    Now for the horror of Utah. I learned from a close source, the abuse is still going on. Rumor or not, in the Mormon temple, symbolic sacred rituals are performed, passage to heaven. I still have respect for the spirit of the Temple. I learned that old men are molesting younger men threw the temple curtains. It makes sense. I know men who are deprived, they do weird, freaky sex. No one talks about this one at all. My mind this morning saw how the Mormon church was founded on polygamy and the taboo subject, incest. How old farts were marrying girls under 18. The Church covers up all of this with their sweet warm smiles. The word of wisdom, not drinking and smoking, not swearing, the beauty of the Mormon people, covers up the abuse. I was a sinful woman to have a boyfriend come live with me, called to a church court to be excommunicated(or asked to repent of my fallen ways). But, my X-husband abused his children and me, his wife, no one cared. I didn't go to the humiliating Church court. I wasn't banned from the Church. I banned myself and ran far away. I think my name is still on the membership roles. I'm still a member of the sweet warm horror, the Mormon church. HA HA HA

    Zoe Zane

    P.S. Credit given to slave Buttercup, he saw the truth about Utah, calling it sweet warm horror.

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