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    Sunday, November 06, 2011

    Come on baby lie to me, I like it

    This message is not to Buttercup, I know he likes me. Laughing back, his grining face for his Diva. I will post a story soon on my message board www.stardomtheatre.com. I know it's more work, Buttercup. The story will be placed on my fetish/domination site.

    Now for the sidewalk surfer who lied that he liked me. Yes, I know many are adjusting to this damn mess from the rich. Many of us are still feeling the pain. If you did steal from the many, this message is not for you. I'm sure the rich have run off, are hiding on a island or plastic surgery. It will not work

    Mr. Surfer found me in a chat room with his video. He cried about how the dating sites suck. Now, I see why they suck for him. He lies. I saw something of interest, I'm fucked, time to set his pants on fire. FUB. He jerked off over email, every kind word, I hope he jerked it raw. I'll call him the Net Jerk. I love the way you lie, I love the way you hurt. Zoe, I want to do live cam with you, a date with you. NOT, now, Zoe, as planned, oh.....someone is bleeding to death, I must check on them. Zoe, now, I can see you, it's past your bed time, you're sleeping. I'm a jerk to even call this late. He wanted fast in my pants like fast food. LOL. I hope he finds this blog and reads he's been caught. If he's a real man he will send me the anniversary to my mailbox, say I'm sorry in a nice note. If he's the liar, I think he is, he will not do anything. He lied sticky, candy words, made up all the rules, showed me no respect with his actions. I spent time in many emails making sure he would make it to the cam. He did not do the guest model release and proper ID right. He will not be on my cam show.

    Today, I will see the Boiler Man who told me on the phone no one is honest anymore. I am honest! My honesty has got me in trouble all my life. Let's see if he keeps the date and a honest man. I will let you know tomorrow.

    Today my systems administrator help me move content from PC to Mac. We did it.

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