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    Monday, November 14, 2011

    The B Man who cried dishonest

    He wants to see me again, his third appointment, okay. If it doesn't happen the third time, he is are gone. I caught him at his time wasting, dishonest game yesterday. Please don't play games with me. If I taste, feel, smell game -- you're out. You will not be able to talk to me every again. Only way back into my good grace, send the anniversary to my business office, the full amount.
    His reason for not calling me at the right time, "I was
    w a t c h i n g the 49ers game. He was low key, casual, it didn't matter, he was late. I don't care tones in his voice. I told him you will not come see me. He said he would. Then I laid it on, this is the third time you've done this. You're dishonest. Are you pissed off about your life and the women who flake on you? So lets take it out on Zoe Zane. Pissed off cry baby! I'll dump my shit on the whore field. Why not. Everyone else is dishonest, I'll be dishonest too. He hung up. He knew he was caught at his dishonest, cry baby game. Boo Hoo my life sucks, I want to see you in nylons. B Boy gets the Fat Liar Award for the week on www.zoezane.com

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