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    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    After the Holiday

    I've performed my live cam show for over 5 years. I'm burned out on the same show time. I moved the show to Sunday at 9AM PST. I need Saturday off for now. How long, I don't know. I just need a break from the routine. I've been working my ass off all year long. It feel nice to be OFF this morning. I created my own vacation from porn. Laughing.

    I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Today, I'll post my zoezane.com update.

    My trip to Carmel was wonderful until I had my second, girlie drink. My drink was heavy with expensive vodka, people in Carmel must be alcoholics. Grrr. The bar boozed up my drink. I didn't like it, so it was changed. Drink was still hardcore for Diva Miss Zoe. The drive home, I wanted to throw up but didn't. I'm a pretty tuff girl for having seven kids. That's not half of what I've been threw. I thought to myself in the awful throws of throw up, a Diva doesn't do that, throw up, so I didn't. Quit frankly, I wasn't being me. If me, I would of thrown up on the side of the road. At other dinners, I've had two drinks that weren't as strong. Along time ago when pregnant in Utah, I was embarrassed to throw up, I repressed it. It came up, I swallowed it back down. eeK! My driver. a booze expert, felt responsible for not watching out for me and the two demon drinks. He needs to be on his toes for his Diva. He knew it was a very, heavy drink. My mind was thinking, why did he not catch what was happening to his Diva? Maybe he was all caught up in his wonderful Diva. It's important to look after your Diva. She's the light of your life. You can make up for it, be a generous gentlemen, do it quickly, dance and prance on the tips of you toes, call her.

    Another subject: I read the tabloid magazine article about Demi Moore and Ashton. Boy, she's all into herself. Is this the way Demi will put herself back into the Hollywood game? I think Demi is making a terrible mistake getting so thin. Did she do that to make Ashton feel for her? Honestly, I know the game about getting attention. In college, I was anorexic to get my Dad's love and affection. It's a horrible place to be to get someones love. You would never think Demi is insecure.
    I'm shocked, Demi. I guess it will all work out. Hum? I know certain things can make a girl feel insecure. Are you doing that one Demi? If it gets her out there, go for it. I think she's beautiful, for God's sake, Demi, eat some food. Your fan's will like you more. We don't like seeing Demi Moore, skinned and boned, a woman who looks like she walked out of a Jewish Nazi Camp in designer clothes.

    Zoe Zane

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