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    Friday, October 07, 2011

    Whats the truth

    you never know unless it comes from the i-ponies mouth (HA HA HA). Truth, might be tainted, not real. Sometimes I tell people what they want to hear it makes them happy.

    I'm so APPLE in 2011. I've had a iPhone for 2 years, never used it. I was too swarmed with porn updates, working and overcoming the bitch OB. The OB was the one for a long time, he was the important one. I was the working machine that funded the white trash pimp of spend. I'm so happy he died out of my life, SO ....Miss Zoe can be the Goddess she was meant to be. When shit hits shit, you crawl through it up to the light of day (I had to change my nero pathways/dendrites). I talk about this BC some never make it out of the shit hole.

    I've been following Steve Jobs, his death, Apple and comments by his co-founder iWoz (Steve Wozniak). iWoz was shy, Steve was bold. They sat in their garage and slammed out bi-code for days drinking coffee and pizza. D A M N. I'm not that geekie.

    As for writing about the underworld of whores, I had to dump one of my whore friends so I could write the book. She was so insanely jealous, she threw her poisonous words like spitting green goo in your face. The green goo was filled with negative hate.

    I made a corporate decision to not give my precious knowledge away. If you want what I have, you must pay for it. My head shrink told me to NOT give it away anymore. The whore I dumped was ungrateful with my gifts. She did not see how great they were. If she calls me up, I'll politely inform her my time spent on the phone must be paid for, she must pay for valuable knowledge. I hope she reads this blog and gets the message. Just a clue on what I had to do to get out of the shit. I had to involve myself in high impact, high frequency support.

    I'm not the first corporate whore on this panet. Do you feel like a corporate whore? Laughing.

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