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    Friday, October 28, 2011

    Updates and writing.......

    extremely time consuming, Halloween creeping upon us ..... and the men I know. Saturday night, I was invited to a party with my neighbors. Finally, a connection, but last night Buttercup asked me out to a fancy dinner. I love to be wined and dined by my favorite houseboy. Most houseboys are worthless, time wasters. I'm exhausted when they leave. Most try to get something for free, haven't got a clue what it means to serve and worship. I'm the baby sister, sucky sucky. Buttercup had a great Mom, she trained him well(if his toilet is clean, he has a chance and no butt stains on his underwear). His Mom is still alive, has mentored me on many levels. She doesn't know of me, if she did she MUST be #1 in Buttercup's world. She's a control freak, I'll stay clear. Maybe when she is on her death bed, I will arrive and thank her. She'll wonder, who in hell was that women.
    Buttercup honored me with these glorious words about my Goddesshood. Many will try to copy and imitate, they will try to be who you are. But you're energy is total Goddess(it has taken me years to come to this place of my own recognition. I see, I'm the Goddess of Absolutely Everything! Laughing. More laughing, a big huge smile on my face.)

    My fetish slave over 15 years, his job finally transferred him away from his sexy Nurse. So far away, he can't find time to talk to her on the phone. He needs a safe place at noon time. He has little time for himself with new his job. He doesn't travel right now. His family is feuding, I will not see him in December. He called me this morning wishing we could session together. He found someone else, but it's not the same. It hit me what I did to him. It's my energy, no one can replace who you are. I taunted him about my white cotton panties and PVC nurse uniform. He has a huge enema fetish, all the way to 4 quart, red/white enema bags. I directed his mind to find a safe place for his conference call with his private Nurse. He will find a way, I know. He had dreams lasts night, all the sessions we did together. Yes, men who see providers have relationships with these special women. Hi there, come over, get your oil changed. It's a pit stop relationship, she repairs all his flat tires, up and running, ready to face the road again.
    Zoom zoom zoom away, back another day, soon.

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