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    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Now I know why I'm avoiding the book

    I'm not a English major (writer), terrible speller, I missed spelling in the second grade. That school year was blocked out of my mind. I don't remember that year. Today, my editor told me the truth about my writing. He's a top professional writer, very conservative. I was under the gun with another person this week on my typos. eek! Breathe, do the work, let them tear it apart. I'll turn into another person, nothing new in my world, take the heat. If it gets hooking stressful, I'll take it out on slave "Whip". The book must be written for the unheard.

    Actually, I've improved my writing and spelling. I've put a lot of effort into my blogs. But, it's not good enough. OFM! I'm used to not being good enough. I was constantly criticized by my parents. Okay. I'll be wrong, I stand corrected. Bring it on. I misspell words to make a certain point. Conservative and creative don't mix.

    This morning, I found a bowl of cat food for the feral cats. I called Officer Angie (animal control), she told me to keep my eyes open. I know it's the crazy woman who turned in.

    I've wrote about a freaky whore, who doesn't know how freaky she is. The drunk, angry whore doesn't remember what happened the night before. I'm off the hook. Whew.

    Today there is dissension about my writing:
    dis·sen·sion   /dɪˈsɛnʃən/ Show Spelled[dih-sen-shuhn] Show IPAnoun 1.strong disagreement; a contention or quarrel; discord.
    2.difference in sentiment or opinion; disagreement.

    My horoscope said this today:
    Your creative powers are well-known, but today brings a new kind of playfulness -- and also seriousness -- to your work. It's a good time to fight for your creative vision. There will be dissension.

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