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    Sunday, October 09, 2011

    My Apple

    It took me a long time to get to Apple. After reading all the crap around Steve Jobs, his leadership, I still love Apple (quality, no hackers). Yes, I know China doesn't care about those who slave away for the excellence of Apple products. Last night, one of my slaves expressed his hate for Jobs, will not buy any of Apple's products, not ever. He think Steve Jobs is a Mauder-facker! Okay, that's cool, Mr. LLBs - Laughing.

    Read about the Manhattan Madam, how she'll not stop until prostitution is legalized. I heard in San Francisco it was close to legal last year. Better get a tax attorney sex workers. I don't know when it will happen, I'm not on a crusade to make it legal. I'm the voice for the underworld. I made another corporate decision last night in Palo Alto at fine French restaurant. I have a new Chief Editor for my fictious book. He's brilliant, very smart, known him for years. I also have a software analyst working for me, self driven and motivated. My web manager and I decided what I will do when the book goes public. When it comes to sex and prositution, I need to protect myself from the wolves. It means wolves in the my underground world. I won't be surprised, IF they try to sue me.

    The lies men tell you to get the sex they want. Over the years, I've developed a keen sense for the lie. I have placed certain rules, conditions to get close to me. It gets so freakin' old how men lie to get what they want. Whatever, shake my head, a certian foreigner tells me to call him, he thinks he's hot, I think he's a sleeze. For a long time, I was patient, then lashed out. It does not pay to lash. Now I listen, tell them how they make me feel, most men will say sorry. Like, I believe their sorry words. I like it when my phone shows me they called earlier that month. I tell them, how they called me before, they still lie. They even call again in an hour just to see if I remember. I call them, serial sex phone liars. It cost little to lie 4 free. I'm so uninterested how they use the phone for free jack off time. I can tell when they're jacking off. I hear it in their voice. Men who use their best sexy voice on the phone, are jacking off.

    A new feature to contact me, I started texting only for those who need a build up.
    I'm a fantasy role play expert. I will help you belive that your fantasy can be real, you can taste, feel, smell your fantasy. Our fantasies keep use alive.
    Mature Zoe Zane

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