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    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    I think

    that following what others want for you is a the dumbest thing you can do for yourself. My cat Peanut Jr. makes sure he gets what he wants. He is relentless, will not stop till he gets it. Watch Peanut Jr. When you live your life for others, it's not your life. Other people think they know what's right for you, WRONG! They live in you. eek! When I rescued my three male cats, their my boys, I was called..... crazy. Why so many cats in one house. My accuser was the German bitch that sold me out to Animal Control. She had hate. Many don't have the balls to be themselves, to live their dream. They don't dream, imposing their rules on others. Their sadness becomes your sadness. Go after what you want, be bold, be courageous. It's a crap life being someone else. Rebel, stand up to those THAT THINK they know what's best for you. They don't. Other people tell us what to do, don't know how to live. My 20 pound-er, Buddy, he knows how to live. He loves to eat and love. When he wants your love he's right in your arms, dramatically throwing his head back for a big, fat kiss. Kiss a cat, disgusting. Why not, he loves kisses. My Dad was a small man with small balls that bullied all his children. They live in you, unhappy in you. If you live for others you wear their small balls. Those balls aren't your balls. Put on your big set of balls, turn up your music, look in your mirror, strut yourself, be your best friend. Go for it. Get up, ball yourself to greatness. Most, live half on, too afraid. I watched Steve Jobs talk to Stanford students in a graduation speech. Watch my app be on the iPhone next year. When my cats go outside, it's hip hip hooray to be in the sun, the rain, the wind. Dare, be driven, have a big dream, do it. Don't give a crow's ass what others think. Don't care if others hate you. The haters hate their lives and hate you. Stay clear of haters who live to take you out. Haters, hate the greatness in you. Be unique, be different, do the impossible, dream. Let the haters laugh at you, let them be a copy cat. Wear you big set of balls and scream dream. First step, believe you can have your dream. This must be a pep talk to myself. It is.

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