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    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Am I lazy, afraid of hard work - NO!

    I chatted with another writer today. I have a few writers in my sex circus, oops, circle. Did I cheat on one writer, talking to another writer? Yes. I can see why Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) killed people. If she didn't like what they said she nuked them. My fun bone is out.

    Peanut Jr. is running around with a huge, furry cat tail. I like it when he does that. Something spooked him, made him hypo. You go, Peanut Jr.

    Tic-tock, tic-tock, I'm ticked off:
    Honestly, as a sex writer, my sense of humor will rule. Humor saves the day when life gets crappy. Am I lazy, yes. Am I spoiled, yes. Am I lucky, yes. If someone ticks me off, I call up "Whip" and beat his ass. Who am I mad at? Hum. There are a few right now. As for Buttercup, who makes sure to get me mad, I'll pinch his ass in the wrong place. Make him show me where to pinch it right. Poo Poo Poo -- Give him a huge enema, watch him lose control. Put him in his place for being obstreperous (someone who stubbornly resists control). Hello Buttercup, you have fought it all your life, so keep fighting. Big smiles from ear to ear, laughing. Am I a cry baby, yes! Never, I shouldn't say never, has writing been so arduous for my quick mind. It was worse giving birth to a deformed child, no fun. I need Jessica Lang (American Horror Story) to bake some chocolate cupcakes. She's so evil. Am I kind, yes. I'll use Ex Lax in my batter (the brand is an expert in gentle, dependable overnight relief. We are so confident that you will be satisfied)-- OR -- X Lax (the stuff that makes you crap almost instantly, give it to your boss in his coffee). Did a Google search, are there different strengths for Ex Lax? Batter for the runs, yes..... watch you prance like a squeeling piggy to the butt bowl. Is this passive aggressive, yes it is. If I'm giving you ideas on how to get back, wait till you read "give it back" in my smart-ass bitch book. It's okay to think about it. Some of my subbies, want me to give it back to them. Okay baby, come and get it.

    I'm done torturing myself self this morning, writing about different writers with different styles. Bye bye, outside with my 3 male cats and a hot cup of tea.

    P.S. I like the timer with Ex Lax on it. I can time how fast it takes Buttercup to run to the bowl. HA HA HA

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