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    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    All my great friends

    My dear one "Buttercup" is taking care of Goddess Zoe. Oh shit, I forgot the switches this morning. They were so beautiful, the subbie cut for me. DAMN! I will post the update for zoezane.com early, today. Over the weekend, I'll be with sensuous, soft touch tantric instructor "Jewel in the Lotus" in LA. All things are possible when it comes to sensuous sex.

    My 3 cats are doing great. Peanut Jr. was flinging himself off the bedroom walls this morning. I need to get some kitty food. Back to my hot pink closet to sleep more. Peanut Jr. is not a head banger. Laughing.

    I watched the American Horror Show. It was way out there for gore. I closed my eyes when that happened. The pregnant wife was a hero for her daughter warding off a male killer. She got the fuck real good, kicked his ass. I like her. She shows women not to be a victim and trash male attackers.

    Not much crazy right now. Yesterday, I finally found the right head shrink for what happened to me as a small child. She understood my terror, I've harbored in my body (some of sex worker friends thought it was no big deal they were molested. That certain worker is wrong). I have protection, my adult self and the BIG ASS Angel that looks after the tiny little girl. No one will mess with me now! It will be in my book what happened and why I am writing for the voice of sex workers.

    For Halloween, I've decided to be "zombie red riding hood". I can be a freaky ghoul and lose body parts. I LOVE IT! Great balance since my sex is on 100%.

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