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    Friday, September 09, 2011

    A Whores Thoughts

    What's all this anxiety all about, a learned behavior from my predator Dad. He was uptight with the family making sure no one knew what he did. Mom, she valiumed out, feel off the kitchen chair, was pissed off when he did it again. This painful secret, no one in my family wants to talk about it. I hate it when they shut me off. I'm so sick of their denial. When you don't have "Mom & Dad 4 U", you run like a stray, feral kitten. Today, I saw a tiny black, 5 week old kitten run to his buddy cat friend for safety. He was all alone, no Mommie Cat. The little black kitten curled up to the 6 month old male Tabby. It made me cry how these unwanted animals love and care for each other. I'm chocked, all in my tears. How can these wild cats love each other and humans just keep hurting. What a waste of human emotion the anger and the hate. WTF! When you're molested you feel unsure about so many things, like yourself. I get sick of that feeling too. I want to jump into the next world, shake Mom and Dad, listen to me, I want your love. I must have something to learn from it all. Maybe, this keyboard will be my salvation for exposing the pain that we all suffered. Who am I, the one that tells what happened. I will not hide, cover it up or run from it. IMF
    Later, when it's the right time, I'll let you know what "IMF" means. For now, it's in my naughty notes.

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