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    Monday, September 26, 2011

    What a inzane day - Sunday Folsom Street Fair

    Finally, made it, whew, Holy Cow Bar after 4 PM. It was hectic in San Jose, arrived later than planned. SF weather was cool, love it that way. The owner of the Holy Cow Bar let my stripper daughter and myself into the bar for free. He was having a private party charging Folsom freaks 10 bucks to his VIP Party. He recognized who I was was, we're in. The bar is free till a certain time. The fair was jamming when I got there. My daughter saw Miss Andrea Storm in her orange and black witch costume with black umbrella orange trim. I didn't see her, found the parking lot on Harris and 12Th. The bar is right up the block on Folsom. We made it. Whoopee!@#$%^&*()...

    My best friend Martini and his hot girlfriend got into the bar on my porn star reputation. Hey, I saved someone some money. Rock on. The freaks in the dark bar were sexy with each other. We headed for the back for some fetish smoking pics for Southern Charms. In the back corner Martini's girlfriend and I did a steamy kissing video. Will be posted off my site this week. Now, up and down the sidewalk for interesting Folsom pictures. I wore my black PVC platforms boots. At the end, changed into flats, my ankles and feet were sooooooooooo sore from walking. I ran into Beverley Fisher and her sweetie. She was dressed in steam punk, looked great. We were surprised to find each other in the middle of 400,000 or more people. Beverley is a friendly gal, I like here. We talked webmaster/geek stuff and other plans.

    Pictures of Folsom will be posted on my site up till December. I did something different this year. I asked people if I could take pics with them instead of boldly taking over. I went well, my new approach. I think people were happy to be a Folsom star on such a fun day.

    Zoe Zane

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