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    Friday, September 30, 2011

    Up early

    gave the cats a nail trim, it's tuff with Chubs, he hates nail trims. But Mom doesn't like those claws "yea all have", so snip snip. Sorry boys, afterwards, I gave them a full body, hair brushing which made Chubs very happy. Gotta get them to the vet for shots this morning which will be a big carry over 50 pounds to my tiny car. I told all three cats were going to the vet.

    I read about Demi Moore and Ashton, maybe a split. Hollywood makes us all crazy one way or another. The "Cougar Town" will still go on even though Demi is getting slammed to be with men her own age. And if she did this and that to be youthful, so what. You go Demi, I love you. As for Ashton K., he's doing the typical male thang, run around and stick it in. He's still a looker in my book. I can't judge. I'm a whore myself ..... laughing --- I do it day in and day out, well some days, I get a break. It's all over the Net what I do. And, my old boyfriend got off on me doing it with other men, but then ran off with another escort. I survived all of it and stronger, took about 4 years to get over him. He needs his balls kicked by my spiked heel for what he did. He might get off on it.

    As for my Bikram yoga training, I focus on my breathe when it gets damn hard. I stay still and don't move, hang on till the hard part passes, up again, doing the next pose. I hang on till the end, did it. I was close to the front, the teacher who makes me nervous, she didn't say one word to me. Lucky me, her attitude is back, it gets to me. I made it through the bitch teacher's class. Some teachers will always make you feel nervous edgy. WHEW!

    Will work on new update for zoezane.com site. Not sure what it will be at the moment.

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