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    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Honestly, what really happened on Sunday

    before and after Folsom Street Fair. I found out feeding feral cats is a big no no!!! An older German woman, complex neighbor, got me sucked up into her stupid thinking to feed the wild cats. I had a visit from Officer Angie to stop feeding the wild cats in my Queen of Hearts costume. I covered my boobs, she told me not to worry about my chest. Her son goes to the fair every year. Too funny. I saw the bigger picture, was ordered to stop feeding OR get cited. The squealing, so called friend, lied to Officer Angie, that I was the one feeding the wild cats for over 2 years. I started feeding first of the year, after the squealing bitch was forced to leave her apartment by her neighbors. She lied to get out of trouble from Animal Control. It's clear, she's not my friend. I had a deposit slip with the squealing bitch's address, no phone number. Officer Angie clearly saw who was feeding the wild cats at that address area. You can't fool Animal Control. They know how many female cats are breeding, how many young females cats are ready to breed. LOL. That's a lot of wild cats causing a HUGE public nuisance. Feeding wild cats brings in wild life like coyotes, raccoons, hornets, birds, etc. Rabi's hikes up, endangering domested cats and dogs. I was wrong, doing what I did. I stopped feeding the wild cats, they are gone. WOW. Before the Fair, I cleaned up the cat food in the back, went over to Animal Control to get a trapping cage. That's why I didn't get to SF until 3PM PST. I was wondering IF my daughter and I would make it. Many people at the fair loved the Queen of Hearts costume with added Wonder Woman crown and wrist cuffs.
    Leaving the Fair to the parking lot, I went out with alarms screaming. My alarm key pod to my locked car broke, set off the car alarm. We tried to stop the alarm, it keep going and going and going. OFM! Down the street, SF police department, no one cared that my car was screeching. My stripper/hacker daughter saved the day, torn open the key pod, moved the broken chip on the tiny motherboard to the right spot. It set the car right, shut the alarm off, and away we went. WHEW ..... so stressful wondering If we were going back to San Jose. Next day, I went over to the dealership, got new keys and reset the alarm.

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