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    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    High on life - kick the cat haters!

    Feeding the tiny baby, cute, feral cats has turned rotten again. A cat hater is stealing my water bowls and eating the cat food? WTF He's fat now, maybe he lost his job. LOL. More spare time to harass me, the asshole. The other day one of the older kittens got nuked and left it's skin suit. I got the feeling 4 feeding, I was thanked by one of God's unwanted creature. To the cat hater, someday you'll be starving, starving, starving, no one will care. I saw you outside all reefed up sneaking around, fat from eating my cat food. I've taken pics of the fat, cat hater. I can hardly wait to film his dumb ass. I'll put it on You Tube with Title "CAT HATER".
    I read Paris Hilton was arrested for Vegas cocaine. What a dumb, rich bitch, I still love her. She needs one of my cream pies in her face. Paris, why the drugs girl? She needs to hang out with me and my new sex workers friends. We can show Paris how to get high on kundaline energy. I'm creating my Folsom Street Fair costumes for Sunday. It takes a huge amount of energy for Folsom. Is that why Paris drugs? If I did cocaine, I'd rage up the Empire State Building and blast off into space. My nervous don't like drugs.

    I replaced my woren away letter keyboard with another keyboard from storage. Different place, the delete button, will take time to rehab my mind to new delete. LOL

    HA HA HA ...... So funny. Right now 20 lbs cat Buddy sat down on a pair of purple glasses, got stuck to his butt. He was swirling around on my desk. Glasses dropped off, Buddy is now waiting for me to let him outside.

    Yesterday in San Jose, is was freaking HOT! Hotter than Sac. Might be another HOT day. I can hardly wait till fall drops in. Hurry up fall, I need you.

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