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    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Wholefoods Parking Lot Rap Song- click here, this is so funny

    I knew, that one day someone would rap about wholefoods. Many of the checkers are home boys with tattoos, the girls are yoga suicide looking chicks and baby boomers. At the Campbell Wholefoods I shop at frequently, they even have granny checkers. Smart marketing idea get the hood, the yoga, the rocker, the Gothic chick and older women working for yeah.

    I'm excited. I found a vintage clothing store in San Jose for all the 1950's clothing I need for my upskirt school teacher with real silk nylons. I emailed ffstockings.com Julia about my find. WooHooooo!

    Yoga at 4:30PM was living hell. I was on the floor a lot. Forget the advanced students, the world champions and the skinny, young yoga babes. I'm here and I will make it till the end.

    Saw a bunch of stud boys. I give them nicknames and make them laugh at the end. One is called Volt, Hawaiian Nut, and LLB - ha ha ha!

    It was hot in San Jose yesterday, had the air on. Last night, near midnight, Peanut Jr was "dive bombing on me" again. WTF. Peanut you are a bit late, the earthquake was earlier today on the East coast dude. Damn cat. I had to sleep in the pink close last night with the fan running. I made it through the night. Whew!

    Earthquake news: On Monday afternoon, my Sister in Sac said she wanted to bomb the White House. Next day there was a earthquake. Watch out for sister who is frustrated like all of us, over the G O V --- LOL.

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