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    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Set their pants on fire - Thx David and his Fem Dom

    for mentoring me on setting unruly men's pants on fire. It's too funny when I think how the hacker banned me from my own message board. Last night I saw a stud boy and we laughed about it. He told me he's been with cougars, a few older women, but I was the best one and so fine. Nice words get your everything stud boy from the financial district.

    Story continued, setting hacker's pants on fire:

    I'll get one of my sexy girlfriends like Ashley Dobbs, Sexy Miss Lizz or Maven Fae/San Francisco (a younger version of wicked Zoe Zane - ha ha ha ha) to tease the hacker, gets his dick hard, while I light the match under his crotch. I'm known to give it back if you fuck with my life one way or another. After the old boyfriend twisted my life inside out, I went to Vegas. A dweeb by the name of Robert, he gives free tickets to Deauxma and big Larry, her hubby, Robert offered to help me do photos. Little did I know, he was a groupie stalker. I get to his sleazy Vegas hole in the wall rental space and die! WHEW. I was polite and stayed, but didn't sleep at all. A year later, Robert, the loser was at another "Girls of the Internet Party" in Arizona, I went after his pants. One of the Internet porn producers told me he was farting all night long. I chased him down with a lit cig. HA HA HA ....and farted back on him, laughing. I chased him to set his pants on fire. He treated your Miss Zoe with disgusting disrespect at his low life Vegas hole in the wall. Live and learn, right. Whenever Robert sees me, he runs for the hills. All my girlfriends know what a loser he is. He stalks Internet models to feel important. I'll make him feel important and watch Robert jump up and down, as he tries to put out the fire. If you think for one minute this is all made up it's not. If you think I would not light his pants on fire you're wrong. That's why he runs fast for a water hole. Keep running Robert, run fast. Do you think Robert wants to stalk me now, NO!

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