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    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    Second entry - slave D and his training

    When I was horny at 21 my next door neighbor loved to observe and recount, quite spontaneously and boldly, for me while were driving in the car, or in other places that were natural for close conversations. She was also one to leave her hand boldly upon my upper inner thigh, while I was sitting close beside her, as I did in the car, which was a gesture of her full possession of my body and will.

    Ooh, will ya' look at those little balls on you! He's just "a sashay-in' himself out there, him prancing all proud-like, in his cute little T-shirt and no pants on, where all the ladies can see him like that. He's just 'a wig-waggin' in flip-floppin' his little weenie and bitsy little balls, out there, bare 'n brazen to the beat of the band'. His Fem Dom should go find him a little pair of pants to put on him - for mercy sakes - ha ha ha! I love to see horny 21 year olds like that. Males do benefit, I'm sure know, my pet, from what we ladies might call a full, southern exposure - ha ha ha! I sure hope there are no geese around to mistake and peck that tender wee wee for a nice 'n fat-juicy worm - ha ha ha! ..... it smarts a 21 one year old, huh dumpling? Oooooh look at the Fem Dom's subbie, he's lookin' so grumpy and gloomy when he should be laughin' with his Fem Dom. To be continued.....

    Zoe Zane Zoey Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond

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