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    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Hi Teck Bozo at 64, that I trusted

    for the right address lead me on a wild car chase last night. What was I thinking? Not thinking! He brags he sold his house, wants me to get him cigs - LOL, he will be off for one week on a house selling vacation. He brags he has 10 grand on the table. I wonder if he's high. No way, no go to see the bragging Bozo Man. But he calls back and begs me. Okay. I get in my car, late over one hour. LOL. He still gives me the wrong directions. F I N A L L Y, I make it to Bozos' house. He's never made it with a girl like myself and not good at giving direction. Maybe I need to go GPS? Some people tell me their GPS makes them lazy and they don't know where they are 24/7. OFM! I get there and he's like a big crane falling down all over me. I knew there was a reason I was a Tom Boy growing up. So I could handle hi-teck Bozos like Mr. 64. Come one dude, I'm not gumby. No wonder he's divorced. Actually he was a military Bozo now in hi-Tech. In our final moments he speeds up to heaven like never before. He's voicing it all over the room. Whew! I'm glad he's in BLISS! Now I must get home in the dark. I make it home but locked my keys in my car. I'm waiting for the locksmith to show up.

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