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    Friday, August 12, 2011

    Diary of slave 14 years - click here Fetish Diva Diamond

    I started out as a Fem Dom several years ago. The only way a subbie could find me was in the local newspaper. I was Diva Diamond and later added the word fetish. I'm now "Fetish Diva Diamond". When I first interviewed slave "D" he had a knife in his bag. It scarred the crap put of me, I threw him out. Later on he came back, explained, apologized for misbehaving. He has given me permission to write his story about his Diva and what happened to him.

    I love women who, like my female neighbor, who laughed when they saw a startled male jump or he was entirely embarrassed from punishment by a woman. I will make her name short, call her "HWL" (humiliation with laughter) for now. HWL really, really liked to see a male kept up on his toes. Though always attentive and caring for him, she was yet very strict and absolutely merciless to her exact authority, as a woman, upon a male. She wanted the male ever-uncertain as to whether or not he might lose all his pants, preferably right in front of ladies. After all, HWL would often coo to admonish me, "Males are always suppose to be nice to ladies or they need some good, little punishment." She wanted males to additionally worry about what might happen to them after "he lost alla his pants!" He might either get a ferociously good, little spanking on his bare bottom, get a nice, little pinch, or fire lit hot, right way in under his 'you-know-where'. He was given some good and quick, little energy . . . . . Hee hee hee HA! When a male fears those kinds of consequences, in HWL's wise judgement, then he gets wonderfully trained and molded to want to be a little gentleman. A good gentleman for all women all the time. HWL was an extremely girly-girl feminine flirt, who combined the wiles and seduction persuasion of a trickster with controlling leadership of a disciplinarian. It was never enough that a male simply behave and mind a woman, he was also teased and taunted frequently, his little dignity totally shattered, if he was to "stay put right in his proper, little place. The ladies and their friends - HA HA HA - they liked to talk, as well as giggle about, all what could happen to a unruly bad little gentleman. To be continued . . . . .

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