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    Sunday, August 07, 2011

    Brute Force Cracking on my site this past week

    Brute force (also known as brute force cracking) is a trial and error method used by application programs to decode encrypted data such as passwords or Data Encryption Standard (DES) keys, through exhaustive effort (using brute force) rather than employing intellectual strategies.

    Here is the one who did it to my site:
    This message is to inform you that a sale has been made and was referred by:

    M.p.a. Dinkgreve (ID: 1966159)
    Funix BV

    Transaction type: Trial
    Date order: Friday, August 5th 07:51:21 2011
    Total price: 19.95
    Subscription ID:311217501000001975

    The customer's e-mail address is: acesmas2007@yahoo.es
    The customer's phone number is: 61572316- ( I erased one number BC I'm a smart cookie

    The customer's billing address is:

    This porn hacker/male bought a membership to my site and gave out his username and password to thousands who subcribe for free porn.
    Aritz Calvo
    Ganboxa 16
    oiartzun, XX 20180 ES

    Additional information:

    Username: potrozorri
    Password: orereta
    This sale was under CCBill account 921167-0000

    You are receiving this email to let you know that CCBill has processed a subscription for your site.
    This transaction was processed for account 921167-0000.
    Customer Name: Aritz Calvo
    E-mail address: acesmas2007@yahoo.es
    Username: potrozorri
    Password: orereta
    Subscription ID: 0311217501000001975
    Price: ? €14,79 for 30 days then €11,08 recurring every 30 days Any subsequent (future) charges will be billed in the above selected currency, and are subject to adjustment (adjustments are based on the selected currency value = to US Dollars), at the time of each subsequent charge

    Billing services provided by CCBILL, LLC support@ccbill.com

    I wish I had a hacker right now who could get into porn hacker's most important possessions and sell them on the Net for a profit. Like put his car up for sale. He goes outside to get into his car and finds a bill of sale. As he drives home in a taxi and sees a huge billboard with a picture of his car. It says THANK YOU for selling your car to us to feed starving African children. Laughing! Or, your car was stripped down to car parts and put in other cars. That is what theses porn stealers do. They steal porn content, my porn content and post it for free to thousands of other porn stealers. I'm not crying just exposing him.

    Another guy who was one of my members for a long time did the same thing. Then he had the balls to tell me his username and password was lost and wanted a new one.

    The software I use Strong Box stopped his stealing attacks. On the software it shows his username and password he signed up with. Then I went over to my CCBill account and saw he signed up. That is how I caught his lie.

    Men lie about sex all the time. I wish more women would lie about sex and fuck as many guys as they want. I watched "Eyes Wide Shut" last night. I like it when macho Tom Cruse gets slammed on the screen. Nicole Kidman, his wife in the movie was fucking lots of guys. Thx you Nicole.

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