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    Tuesday, June 01, 2010

    Get the BIG Monkey off your back

    I stewed over this and that over the weekend. BREATHE Zoe! I did, and focused on beautiful plants. Today, gave my 3 cats a sloppy kiss on each forehead and hug before I drove up North to conquer "Monkey Seven". When I finally did it ... Not that bad. I will have a lot of help with this Monkey, of 7 years. Overcoming fears build confidence in yourself.
    Oh, another note, my 91 year old Dad is getting better. I had a nice visit with him yesterday in spite of the loud, over bearing, dominating brother-in-law. No wonder my handicapped sister hates him. He's obnoxious and self-serving. IF he treated himself or my sister half as good as he treats my Dad, our planet would elevate out the light gate. I'll tell him that. He tried to teach me something, very condescending, down talk to ME, I'm older, I got him at his game and "SHUT" the fucker UP!
    Last, but the best, my Dad gave me a picture of myself when I was close to Junior High School age. I saw myself for the first time as beautiful. I have talked about my loveless parents and how my Mother called me brat all the time. Yesterday was the first time, I saw ME, my beautiful self. Wow! Mature MILF zoe zane zoblog

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    1. You are very beautiful person, always fun to read your postings. Your Furry Freak Bro, aka Jerry Garcia,etc.


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