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    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Get those monkeys OFF your back

    You know all the gnawing stuff that you PUT OFF over and over again. It wears on yeah. I made a long list and it's getting smaller. I had 9 monkeys on my back and now there are 4 monkeys. Today, I'm working on a monkey that's been gnawing me for 5 months. Wish me luck that it turns out alright by noon today. Get ride of your monkeys it sets you free.


    1. Bon jour beautiful Zoe,

      Time to get the monkey off my back and write You a note which is long overdue. Happy to hear that Your dad is doing the best he can ... that You are as crazy and zany as ever ... that Your cats are finally coming under Your Mistress control ... and that You still love life as much as i love You and my Mistress Miss Lizz. (i hope that Habeeb does not read this -- hehehe)

      Love, Troll {SML}

    2. Sometimes I feel the 3 monster cat crew rule ME. Leo male cats are a handfull like raising 7 kids. LOL. The cats boys love me so much. My Dad, I visited yesterday, he is getting back to his old fart self. Do not worry about Lizz. She is cool you talk to me. Keep worshipping Lizz she is a very beautiful indeed. Mistress Miss Zoe aka Fetish Diva Diamond

    3. Bon jour beautiful Zoe,

      It is not at Lizz that my comment was direced ... it was Habeeb -- hehehe

      i will never stop worshipping my Mistress Miss Lizz ... She has become as much a part of my life as breathing and i truly do worship Her and will never stop.

      i know that She loves You too ... and in a way so do i.

      Love, Troll {SML}

    4. That would be John, as in "Mr." Lizz -- hehehe

    5. John thinks we are all crazy sooooooooooo don't worry about John boy. Zoe Zane she knows dem boys! HA


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